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How a Chiropractor Can Help You Improve Your Posture

Our posture not only impacts our health and mood, but also how we are perceived by others. But despite the importance of having a good posture, many of us spend hours sitting in front of a computer in a hunched position. Consequently, we start experiencing the negative effects of bad posture, which may range from neck and back pain to spinal misalignment.

If you are experiencing muscle or joint pain due to a bad posture, here’s how a chiropractor in Round Rock can help you improve your posture and get rid of the pain and discomfort.

History and Postural Assessment

On your visit to a chiropractic center, your chiropractor will ask you several questions to collect your comprehensive medical history. For example, he or she may ask you whether you have ever experienced neck, back, or shoulder pain and if you think it exacerbates due to bad posture. They will ask you questions about a variety of lifestyle factors, such as whether you exercise or not, your nutrition, the nature of your job, etc.

Once they have collected detailed information, the chiropractor will conduct a postural assessment. The purpose of postural assessment is to determine how good or bad your posture is. Based on the findings of this examination, your chiropractor will recommend you some exercises and give some tips to help you correct your posture. To examine your posture, your chiropractor will ask you to stand up and determine:

  • If your head is inclined towards left or right
  • The position of your shoulders
  • The angle of your back
  • The curvature of your back

Patients with spinal misalignments due to chronic bad posture are often prescribed an X-ray. The purpose of X-ray examination is to determine whether the patient has:

  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal degeneration
  • Unleveling of hips and pelvis
  • Changes in the curvature of the spine
  • Short leg

Chiropractic Techniques to Correct a Bad Posture

Chiropractors in Round Rock use a combination of spinal adjustments, exercises, and lifestyle modification to help a patient correct bad posture and the pain and discomfort associated with it. Spinal adjustments improve the function of the affected joints and muscles, as well as reduce tension in surroundings muscles, thereby improving a patient’s posture. Exercises are used in the rehabilitation phase to restore the strength and mobility of the affected joints and muscles. In addition, to ensure that you maintain a good posture, your chiropractor will provide you some tips regarding:

  • How to stand properly
  • How to keep your body in alignment while sitting in a chair
  • How to select the right ergonomic, posture-friendly chair

If you suspect that your back or neck pain is due to poor posture, you should consider consulting a chiropractor in Round Rock. To book an appointment, please call at 512-906-2682.

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